Thursday, March 19, 2009

Potato Mountain Mashed Potatoes 100 Different Ways.


Curried Chicken, Green Pepper and Onion Potato

Located in Pakistan, this giant is a giant even to Mt Everest. Though it is slightly lower in altitude, it offers a challenge even few Everest summiters are able to meet. If you are not able to climb it...oh well, it tastes great so, eat it! Now, that's a fun way to conquer a mountain huh? This recipe is written for the vegetarian model. If you eat meat, you'd make the substitutions.

2 cup water

non-chix brothe

1 pound Meatless chicken (or chicken)

1 green pepper (diced)

1 small onion (diced)

1 Tbsp curry powder

4-6 medium potatoes

3-4 ounces of egg noodles (cooked)

butter and milk to mash potatoes

favorite spice ( dill mix is great. dill-garlic etc)


Boil and mash taters

fry chix and onion in oil until browned

make a gravy with brothe and water and salt/pepper to taste.

while boiling water for gravy add diced green peppers to water and leave them in the water as you turn it to gravy, (rather than frying peppers, as this will add a slight texture to final dish)

Place potatoes on each plate

Add chicken and onions on top

Add egg noodles to top

Pour Gravy with Green Peppers on top

Sprinkle with Green onion tops

YUMMM. Poato Lovers everywhere will enjoy this mountaintop experience.

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