Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mt Everest

If cooking at your place is getting old and drum, I think I can help you turn it around...actually I KNOW I can help you turn it around 180 degrees!

This Potato Mountain dish was so named not becuae of the geographical relevancy with regard to the spices used, but because it is a grand daddy of a entree. It's really simple, because you're just putting stuff on potatoes as opposed to going to a big fuss like in many of our other recipes. Yet, it's good to have quick things you can do that look and taste like you just came from a culinary school competition. Mt Everest is fun, simple and delicious!

As a kid I loved grandmas homemade egg noodles with mashed potatoes and gravy! AWESOME.

Mt Everest: At Potato Mountain, we simply take our mashed potatoes and top them with chicken, add egg noodles, add gravy andtop with green onions. Or, try melting cheese on top of the gravy for a few seconds in the microwave and then add the green onions! WOOOO WEEEE!

I used to eat this several times a week for BREAKFAST...and then again at lunch. In my book, Potato Mountain-Trail Guide to Creative Cooking I have a good story to go with this dish that I won't post here but, you can learn more at

We do mashed potatoes over 100 different ways among a plethora of other entrees for the Creative Cook.

It's gonna be a great day!

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