Saturday, March 28, 2009

Popocatepetl (Po-'po-cuh-tuh-'peh-tul)

A Mexican volcano that is closed to climbing permits because it is active. Oh, well, if it's as hard to climb as it is to pronounce and spell, then forget it huh?

At Potato Mountain we have a little tool we call the Spud Buddy. You can make one at home for this recipe and a zillion others too. Here is what it is and how it works...and how to make it.

Buy a small strainer with a handle. One that is about 5 inches, give or take, across. Then bend the handle so that you can dip the strainer. In other words it should look like the picture below.

After re-fashioning the strainer you can put a couple sheets of Filo (Phyllo dough) dough in the strainer and then fill it with the ingredients as stated below. It really makes a nice presentation and it tastes great. Use a tiny strainer to make small individual Potato Mountain's this way.
Now, let's go to Mexico and visit Popocatepetl.

Don't line your Spud Buddy until you are actually ready to fill it so it does not dry out and break up. It's kinda delicate to use. Read the directions on the package.

Fry meat or meat substitute along with some onions. Put your hot mashed potatoes in the Spud Buddy and then add some meat and onions. Put some cheese on top and then some more potatoes.

Now, close up the Filo dough and try to make it tight, but when you dip it in the hot oil (fryer) do not completely submerse it because you do not want the oil to leak inside and saturate the ingredients.

Fry until golden brown. Usually 2-4 minutes.

Have a plate loaded with lettuce, and tomatoe and roll out the Potato Mountain onto the plate. Add some tortilla chips to the sides of the plate and serve some homemade salsa on the side.
Si Senora. Tis Veeery Gooood!

I'll give ya my salsa recipe tomorrow. "It's to die for".... that's a terrible cliche' ain't it?

It's gonna be a great day!

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