Monday, March 23, 2009

How Can Something That Tastes So Good Be Soo Good For You?

Just ask the USDA who says that "mashed potatoes may be the nearly perfect food." Of course, I've known that for years. Just like a sandwich is not a sandwich without pickles, so a meal is not a meal without potatoes. As I consider this bold staement, I am pressed to go a step further and say that "a life without mountains, potatoes and Potato Mountains, is a lonely and unexciting life."

Today I will be making a Mt Adams for lunch. This is a great way to do potatoes anytime, either as a meal or as part of a meal. Don't just do the same ol' thing over and over.

Mt Adams
6 potatoes
1 rutabega
2 small turnips
1 head cauliflower
milk and butter and spices as needed.
Boil the root veggies together for 10 minutes and then add the cauliflower for the last 12-15 minutes or until everything will fall off of a fork when jabbed.
Add 1/2 -1 stick butter and slowly add enough milk to make spuds mash nicely and creamy without being runnny. Salt and spice to taste.
The view from Mt Adams in Washington is pretty impressive, as are these wonderful potatoes.
Washington is a great supplier of awesome potatoes and of course Mt Adams close neighbor to the south has been the leader in potato production forever and a day...Idaho.
One taste of this potato dish will have your head in the clouds and your feet firmly on Potato Mountain!

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