Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mt Lady Washington

She stands lonely, next to Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Long's Peak gets all the attention and she is ignored while 1000's of hikers and climbers pass her gorgeous figure on the way to one of Colorado's 54, 14,000' + peaks.
Now I know Mt. Lady Washington is a long way from Popocateptl in Mexico, but here is why I want to name a great lunch entree in her honor usinf some of the leftover ingredients from our Popocateptl.
Lady Washington is a really an enormous pile of huge boulders. If you go to the summit you basically hop boulders forever until your on the highest boulder. The view is grand and you have it all to yourself. In this potato creation, my boulders are made out of chips and spuds.
I'm taking my leftover salsa from yesterday and serving it with a pile of mashed potatoes and a whole bunch of chips sticking out of the potatoes. Then I'll use the chips to scoop out boulders of potatoes, top with my side of salsa and eat with the passion of a hungry mountaineer. Maybe I'll even have some cheese sauce for dipping on the side next to my salsa.
What a great appetizer or even a meal! Hop to the Top! Skip with a Chip. Mt. Lady Washington is standing taller than ever today!
It's gonna be a great day!

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